We all know that the last thing we want to be worrying about is having makeup left over on our faces when we wash it off and leave the towel dirty. So today, I’m going to share with you what I started doing for the past month or so and it works greatly. Lets get Started…

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After Booking a Venue


I’m back with another topic, lets get into it. If you are planning your own wedding, and your confused on what to do after booking your venue, and question when is it too early or too late to book things, then you came to the right place. Let me start by saying, after booking your venue you kinda forget about booking the other stuff because your wedding is a year from the booking, some people don’t have a year to plan out their wedding and they get into it and they don’t care about the order it goes. Anyways, I’m going to do a list of the things you should do after booking a venue and explain why, again this is all based on my own experience.

If your wedding is a year from the booking then you need to do the following:

  1. Theme: Again I said hem because it is the most important part of the wedding, everything will fall nicely together if it all matches, for example I had a lilac theme to my wedding from the time of booking the venue, I was set on it but then after finding out that lilac is very hard to find for bridesmaids dress I decided to change it to pink. As long as you have an idea you can play around with it, so if you ever change your mind you can change it something similar so your work doesn’t go to waste.
  2. Book your Singer/band/DJ: They book fast, so you need to get them as soon as you can if you have any in mind.
  3. Photographers & Videographers: You need to book the photographer as early as you can because you want to have the time to think of the weather, the place where you ant to take your engagement photos, love story video (if you want), and other things that you have in mind.
  4. Church/Ceremony place: these places book fast as well, now I had 3 churches in mind but I chose one of them and talked to the priest and everything was booked and was done and over with.

These 4 points are seriously the most important things in the wedding, they are like your foundation to the wedding, you cant have one and not have the other. So Book them as soon as you can so you don’t have to worry about them. I posted some photos from our photographer, that captured the pre-wedding photos, singer and band. These photos are posted on our photographers facebook page if you wanna look at more Click Here

How to Pick a Venue

Hello and welcome back,

Picking a wedding venue can be very difficult, and a big deal for your dream wedding to come true. I’m going to tell you what I used to help me decide on what venue I wanted and I will also list the 5 places I looked at.

The following points are mainly the list you need to follow on deciding what you want.

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Blushes Reviews

Time to talk about Blushes ^__^ My favorite subject. It’s Summer time! So it’s time to try out new pop cheeks colors. I’m so excited to talk about this!!

1. Annabella Blush #18 Rosewood or #48 Chestnut

I like this blush a lot, it’s a nice blush for a small get together, or family dinner. For the price it goes for I’m very happy with the results. The rosewood on my skin is like faded pink but it doesn’t look like i just applied blush it looks natural and dollish. The Chestnut on the other hand I like to wear it for parties because its redish on my skin its dark and I love it.. Also these blushes are so matte that it won’t look like you have blush on, it looks so natural and even if you put it on your bare skin without any foundation it will pop out your cheeks.

2. BH Cosmetics Lilac Blush Duos

I bought this of course from BH Cosmetics online and let me just mention that I LOVE BH!! Back to the blush lol. The Sale Price is only $3.95 can’t find cheaper with this quality. I wanted to try out the other blushes but I wasn’t sure of the pigmentation it gives so I told myself to try this one first then if I like it, I will buy all of the 5 colors. This blush comes with two shades but with my Lilac shade there is pink and there is pale whitish pink, and it said to mix them both but what I like to do it apply the pink on my cheeks and the whitish color on the upper sides of my cheeks to give it some highlight and make it pop more. I can’t use this without foundation though; the color is too faded for my skin but looks amazing when I have it on top of the foundation.  I`ll post the link for you to try these amazing blushes Click here and let me know how you like them.

3. TOO FACED Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush, Something About Berry

OMG! I don’t know how to explain this blush to you, I just fell in love with it from the moment I saw it at Sephora till the moment I got as a gift from my bestiee. This blush is the perfect combination of a beautiful pinky/peach colour and a subtle shimmer! let me tell you how I got this blush, so at first I liked the packaging because I’m girly like that, the second time I went in to show it to a friend I liked the colors but wasn’t sure about the shimmer. The third time I went in alone just stood there for 10 minutes and thought of a look that this blush will look good on and then I was set to buying it but the price tag had me guessing again the price was $38 and I thought to myself Sally it it’s just a blush and its way too expensive so I left the store upset. It was a never meant to be kind of story 😦 until my engagement party when my Bestie Mimi got me this as a gift I was going to fly out of happiness lol. Anyways that was my story of how I finally got this blush. Was I wrong in wanting it NOPE! It’s the perfect blush for me, it stays on all day, it has a lot of shimmer but I love it so if you want to stick to Matte colors this won’t be the right fit for you. also the color of this doesn’t look fake on your face, it actually looks somewhat natural but at the same time I can tell I applied some blush on which I don’t mind because it doesn’t look so unnatural.  Overall verdict this Blush has changed the way I look at blushes. My favorite and I will buy the rest of the other colors when I can.