Huda Beauty Limited Edition Rose Gold Palette Review


Hello my Beauties,

As you read in my title today I’ll be doing a review and swatches of the Huda Beauty Limited Edition Rose Gold Palette. I’m not sure why I decided to review all the limited edition Palettes this month but I hope you take something from my reviews. For anyone who doesn’t know “Huda Beauty” is by a beauty influencer Huda Kattan and her sisters Alya and Mona Kattan. Her brand became famous first from her lashes, AMAZING LASHES. This palette came out on November 1 2016, about 3 months ago. I’ve heard that it might come back to stock at Sephora. So if your interested in know about this palette then keep reading…


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BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette Review

Good Morning Beauties,

As you may have known in 2016, this was the most talked about highlighting palette.  The Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection sold out online within a day. I was working the day it was launched and I knew I needed to get my hands on it no matter what. I had my sister wake up early and buy one for the both of us! Some may think that being Jaclyn’s fan might have make my review biased but I believe in Jaclyn because she is the most trusted beauty blogger on YouTube. I’ve been using this palette for a fair amount of time now and wanted to share my thoughts.


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L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation is a new demi-matte, oil free foundation that launched for Spring 2015. I wanted to go matte with my foundation in the summer time because my face goes back to normal and has shine in it.

  • COLOUR – I’ve used this for 3 months now and I’m really surprised with this foundation.  When I first bought it I discarded it thinking it was too yellow toned, but after using it for a while somehow it adjusted to my skin tone. I picked the right color for me (105- Natural Beige).
  • COVERAGE – medium to full coverage, again, I’m impressed.  It evens my skin tone out and covers red areas well, although leaves them looking a bit dry after few hours of wear, I usually just moisturize my face before I use it. Some days (more recently since fall is here) I notice that it gets dry even though I moisturized so I just bring a small container with my moisturizer and apply it on.
  • FORMULA – I love the formula of this foundation, I use probable two squeezes every day and it covers my whole face with some left over. It’s creamy, soft, silk, and blends nicely. I think they did a good job with this formula. My skin is combination, and I was scared to get this because it’s matte, and I was terrified it might dry me out soooooo much in my chin area. I was wrong, best foundation to use in summer time, since now it’s fall I use extra moisturizer and it’s being working fine.
  • PRICE – Retails for $20.99 in Shoppers Drug mart.  I was hesitant about picking this up. I didn’t want to buy a drug store product for that price especially when I can just use my high end products instead. I’m really glad I picked it up, because I love wearing it every day, its easy, and light so I feel like I have nothing on which is amazing especially when you wake up at 5:30 AM. If you are thinking about it go for it.
  • SPF –  No SPF

Overall, I will definitely be repurchasing this foundation when it’s done. I can’t express my feeling enough about this foundation; the fact that my face loves it too makes me very pleased.  The color though might take some people awhile to choose from since it is yellow toned, but if you can find it I promise (maybe promise is too intense) you will love it.

Lets talk about the powder, I picked the duo together because I thought it would cover even more and make it more matte–er. I’m not a powder person, let be honest… with my dry patches I hate using powder. This powder though seemed different then other ones I’ve tried. It’s very creamy and very smooth. The color though I think I picked the wrong one but they had only 4 to choose from and I choose the medium, It’s not the same color as my foundation. I used this powder for a week, and now it’s just sitting in my drawer because I don’t like using it. I feel it makes my look cakey and flat, and I do notice some dry spots in an hour of wear. I love the foundation, but the powder I feel like its too much.

Let me know your thoughts about this review, and your feelings towards the powder. I would love to hear back from you ❤

Review: That’s Heart Eyeshadow (Limited Edition) and Blush Palette


Hello Dear Readers!

Today, I will be reviewing That’s Heart Palette from BH cosmetics. This particular palette was inspired by YouTube gal That’s Heart. It features 8 eye shadows (1 matte and 7 shimmers), a bronzer, highlighter, and blush. It is limited edition and on their website it says they will have it available on February 6, 2015. (Keep an eye watch for it)

The packaging is so cute, its cardboard, and closes magnetically. Lets open it together and see whats inside!



Pro’s & Con’s


  • Good Pigmentation
  • Versatile
  • Blends easily
  • Cute Packaging


  • Flakes
  • Too Shimmery
  • Messy
  • Bronzer and highlighter dont suite me (olive skin color)

Swatches Time



This palette is cute, I give it a 3.5/5. This palette retails for $20 on BH Cosmetics but I got this for $8 CAD. I cant wear all of the colors, I use this palette for parties, or date night. You can see the pigmentation in the swatching but I had to rub my finger 3 times to get it to this color so I hope that helps out. The colors are very cute, specially the pink and the purple. The bronzer I cant use at all because it looks bad on my skin tone 😦 . I do use the blush when I want like a pink anime checks.

Overall for what I paid for I think this beats any of the drug store palette specially since anyone can use this. If I had a daughter/ or to anyone in high school I would recommend this palette to use since  buying from Sephora can get very pricey. This palette basically sums up most of the makeup routines. You can have it natural or with a flare 😉

I hope I answered most of my readers questions regarding this palette. Let me know what you think about this palette and if you have a palette in mind you want me to review for you. 4aeda-mini-graphics-kisses-481177