I didn’t have flower arrangements, so I can’t really speak on that, but I did have real flower bouquets and boutonnieres. I didn’t think of this until later, but flowers are really important at wedding, especially real flowers. This might be personal, but when I was waiting for the photographers at my house, I got so nervous and every time I smelled the flowers I felt refreshed, it’s just a relaxing feel. Anyways, I will list down some mistakes, and what you should do when booking your florist, and I think my tips can also be used for flower arrangements.

Let us begin…

  1. Image/Idea: Have an image ready before you go book your florist, what helps too is if you can see her work from previous weddings. Remember this is YOUR WEDDING… whatever images you have in mind don’t be afraid to tell it to your florist.
  2. Trust your florist: when you find your florist, trust her abilities and her judgment on the colors, or the flower types, they do this for a living so they are aware of how important flowers are at a wedding and especially to match the theme.
  3. Give as much details: tell your florist any many details about your wedding as you can, it will seriously help with all of the flowers that she will put together to match your theme.
  4. Seasons and flowers: I had saved a photo of a bridge bouquet, and it was all nice baby pinks, purples, and yellow flowers, and I really loved it, but the problem was my florist right away told me this image was taken in mid-July beginning of August and my wedding was in May, I have her all my trust into getting me a bouquet as close to the image and as they say I left it all at her hands.
  5. Don’t annoy your florist: I will say this a lot in this post, but don’t call your florist every time, and check on your flowers, let them do their job, you can only call them If your adding a member to the wedding party that will be wearing and caring the flowers, address change, or time of the flower deliveries .
  6. Don’t book your florist last: Brides usually don’t realise that flowers need to be booked as soon as they can. Booking your florist last will stress you out and your florist into getting you the best flowers that will fit your theme. I booked mine 6 months before the wedding, and that gave her time to think, gather the pricing, and determine what she need to buy now or late and other stuff.
  7. Lastly, refusing to change flower types, or colors: don’t stick to one flower type and refuse to change your mind, be open to ideas, they know their job best and know what will look nice, if she told you ponies wont bloom fully in April but will in may then take her judgment and chose another flower.


I hope this helps you out with picking out your florist, and chose a good flower scheme for your wedding to match the theme.


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