Every Brides favorite subject, I couldn’t wait to go dress shopping until it stressed me out and had a meltdown. Believe me when I say dress shopping is soo stressful, especially when you have a budget and an idea of how you want your dress to look like ever since you were a little girl. Basically, I did my homework and looked online at soo many types of dresses by different designers and workout my budget towards it. I’m going to write down what’s important when picking your dress so you don’t have to go through the stress I went through.

Let’s start with a picture I found on Pinterest and saved it on my phone and so when I go for dress shopping to look at it and remind myself what is good for my size, shape, and theme so I don’t change my mind.

Click the image and save it on your phone too, also this is not mine it is by Storymix.

Next we have THE STORE of your DREAM DRESS!!!

  1. Dress Store: Pick a good store, a place where they will treat you like a princess, and give you an amazing experience, and probable a store that has been in business for a long time. One of the couple we met on our honeymoon told me that the store she picked for her wedding dress went out of business 3 months before her wedding and she already order her dress, she just had it there for final payment and pick up. Also, visit at least 3 stores and compare prices of the dresses, because I found out they all carry the same designers, the only difference is price.
  2. Location: Try and chose a place close to you city/town, because keep in mind that you will have to visit once again for fitting, alterations, dress pick up and such.
  3. Who to bring: This is up to you; you can have a big group or a small one… I went with a small group 2 of my bridesmaids who are my sister and my best friend and my mom and mother in law, and my grandma to one of the store. Bringing your mom will always be emotional, the whole experience will be emotional, but for some reason if your mom is with you during the experience it will be amazing, happy, and sad moment. (Ps. My mom cried to every dress I tried on)
  4. Negativity: NO BODY HAS TIME FOR THAT, if any of the people you brought with you to the dresses picking were annoying with their negativity, and kept giving you criticism, tell them to leave the room 😉 you don’t need that during your experience because we girl hope to be the last thing we will do in our life time so we need it to be the best experience ever!!!
  5. Not finding the dress:  You can find the dress you want in the price you want it, no problem… Ask the employees if you can get a discount, or if you can pay it in installments. The prices for blingy, big, lots of tulle dress ranges between CAD $1100 to $6000. Try and get a dress out of season, because it will be way cheaper, and a wedding dress never get old and no one will know if the dress you’re wearing is from 2014 or 2016, work with your representative to finding a dress to your budget and style, if she/he aren’t giving you a dress to your specs then they aren’t doing their job.
  6. Veils: try and ask if they can include it with the dress price. Buying a veil is the biggest rip off in a wedding dress stores, a small piece of tulle with pearls on the edges is $300.Also, ebay or any Asian online stores have vails for $10 to $100 big or small. I got my vail included with the dress price, and paid only $50 for it and I got a crown.

Let me know if I missed anything, or if you have any questions.


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