How to Pick a Venue

Hello and welcome back,

Picking a wedding venue can be very difficult, and a big deal for your dream wedding to come true. I’m going to tell you what I used to help me decide on what venue I wanted and I will also list the 5 places I looked at.

The following points are mainly the list you need to follow on deciding what you want.

  • Name of Venue: I will list the ones I looked at (I live in Canada)
    • Michelangelo Banquet Centre
    • Carmen’s
    • Grand Olympia Hospitality & Convention Centre
    • The Waterfront Banquet & Conference
    • Marquis Gardens
  • Location: This was very important to me because both of our families lived in our city so we were set on choosing something close/within our city.
  • Capacity: Another key factor, I wanted to invite 500 to 650 people to my wedding and I wanted to make sure that the venue can accommodate my guest and has space for them to walk between table.
  • Availability: we didn’t have a set date, but if you are tight on the scheduling of your wedding this will be important for you.
  • Type: its all up to how you want your wedding to be like for example at a hotel, restaurant, banquet hall and etc.
  • Layout: I visited 5 places and I asked to see the area So I can imagine how the layout will be
  • Rates: This is really important, if you are having a lot of people coming to your wedding you can try and ask for a discount or a deal, usually they will, it might not be a lot of a discount but you can save maybe $5,000 or less, (what wrong with that)
  • Website:check their website just to get an idea of how they will be decorating it
  • Parking/Transportation: observe the area and ask if they have free parking for your guests
  • Decorations: Sometimes they will include decoration with your booking, so make sure to ask them. Trust me it will cut you a lot of cost.
  • Caterer: ask if you can have a food testing, and also ask them if you can bring your own chef if you want. For me I used the Banquet halls chef and the food was phenomenal (believe it or not I still get people telling me how much they loved the food).

There you have it, a list of the things you need to keep in mind before choosing your big days venue. Once you have an idea of how you want your wedding to look like it can be easy to eliminate your options which makes “THE ONE” easy to chose.


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