Review: That’s Heart Eyeshadow (Limited Edition) and Blush Palette


Hello Dear Readers!

Today, I will be reviewing That’s Heart Palette from BH cosmetics. This particular palette was inspired by YouTube gal That’s Heart. It features 8 eye shadows (1 matte and 7 shimmers), a bronzer, highlighter, and blush. It is limited edition and on their website it says they will have it available on February 6, 2015. (Keep an eye watch for it)

The packaging is so cute, its cardboard, and closes magnetically. Lets open it together and see whats inside!



Pro’s & Con’s


  • Good Pigmentation
  • Versatile
  • Blends easily
  • Cute Packaging


  • Flakes
  • Too Shimmery
  • Messy
  • Bronzer and highlighter dont suite me (olive skin color)

Swatches Time



This palette is cute, I give it a 3.5/5. This palette retails for $20 on BH Cosmetics but I got this for $8 CAD. I cant wear all of the colors, I use this palette for parties, or date night. You can see the pigmentation in the swatching but I had to rub my finger 3 times to get it to this color so I hope that helps out. The colors are very cute, specially the pink and the purple. The bronzer I cant use at all because it looks bad on my skin tone 😦 . I do use the blush when I want like a pink anime checks.

Overall for what I paid for I think this beats any of the drug store palette specially since anyone can use this. If I had a daughter/ or to anyone in high school I would recommend this palette to use since  buying from Sephora can get very pricey. This palette basically sums up most of the makeup routines. You can have it natural or with a flare 😉

I hope I answered most of my readers questions regarding this palette. Let me know what you think about this palette and if you have a palette in mind you want me to review for you. 4aeda-mini-graphics-kisses-481177

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