Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

  • Recommend for oily skin, Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit keep your makeup all day without excessive sebum or darkening.
  • 1) Perfect coverage
  • 2) Keep your face smooth all day long
  • 3) Pearl ingredient and cotton veil powder keep BB color long without darkening
  • 4) Applied on your skin tightly, so you can apply it over on time.
  • 5) Pearl ingredient 16.5% contained
I got the Natural Beige
What I think about this BB Cream, I don’t like it. I bought it because everyone said that korean bb creams are different then the U.S. ones. In my opinion, yes they are different, but the feeling of it is uncomfortable. I wanted to love it so bad but this just didn’t fit for me. I go out without foundation a lot of times and this bb cream is not foundation its kinda like a tint but it makes me sooo OILY, and white!! It feels like a mask on my skin which is a no no.
  • It feels dry when applying it and then becomes oily during the day
  • I didn’t notice or feel the oil until I looked in the mirror
  • It did cover but BB creams cover slightly so I was surprised for that then disappointed
  • When I applied it on, it was way whiter then my skin but after 3 to 5 min it adjusted to my skin tone which is pretty cool! but it was still lighter then my skin.
  • I loved the fact that it made my cheeks shine!! I loved it!!! 

Unfortunately, other than few things I liked about this BB cream I had more negatives and I wish I knew a way for me to use this somehow without being an olive oil bottle!

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