SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB Cream

The description on the samples is in Korean, unfortunately, but you can read all the descriptions for the Good Afternoon BB creams on Skinfood’s official web page.
The description from this BB cream says:
[Honey Black Tea BB – Moisturizing & Glowing]
A moisturizing and illuminating BB cream with sweet honey and flavorful red tea that keeps skin soft and supple. 
[Good Afternoon BB Cream Story]
Try our Good Afternoon BB Cream Line. Infused with skin-revitalizing afternoon teas, it helps you keep a bright, vibrant skin tone all day!
To Use 
Apply an even layer to skin in gentle patting motions.

I love this BB Cream more than any of the ones I tried. It is very lightweight, it does have a scent of honey but it goes away after you apply it on, it covers lightly but I love using this when I don’t feel like putting on foundation, and it doesn’t give as much of a glow as I hoped but its also not bad! for $8 this was worth it. It is not long wear though, I think you can wear it for 3 to 5 hours until you get that tired look.

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