Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls
I picked this up at shoppers, I needed something that gives out a glow for my checks and I thought of trying this. It was a little expensive for a drugstore product but I felt like it would be worth it.
At first, it was way too glittery for me, I was so disappointed because I wanted a shimmer. I kept using it just to make sure that its not just sparkles on my cheeks and I noticed that the glitter was only on the very top layer of the product. So, I just wiped away the very thin top layer with a makeup brush and the product below was Awesome! It gives me the right amount of glow. I do wish it lasted a little longer though. I like the Packaging a lot, specially the pearl on the top lol its so cute! && I’m So glad it’s cruelty and paraben free!!!
I used a little amount here 
I swiped my finger 3 times to get this color
Verdict: I love the product after few tries, but not worth the price. I wish it did what I was hoping for but I can say that its great for a little glow on the cheeks also I go over on my nose to have highlight and its not bad. I believe it was $18.99 CAD + tax
What do you think? would you give this product a chance? 
Let me know in the comments below 

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