LEADERS Insolution Mask: Skin Renewal Mask

Good Morning Everyone
Skin Clinic Masks are for those who are looking for strong and intensive skincare that focuses on Whitening, Wrinkles, Skin Trouble & Hydration.
About Leaders Clinic:
If you haven’t heard, Leaders Clinic has been established in South Korea since 2001 by a group of dermatologists who developed a professional skincare line based on treatments used in their clinic for skin troubles most common to women. In fact, these masks are loved by many Korean celebrities (they have such beautiful skin, it’s not even funny) and have won 5 patents, and a national innovation and scientific honor by South Korea. 500,000 of these masks sell monthly in Korea and now Cossy is the sole distributor of the Insolution line in Singapore! Sweet!

Mela-Tox Skin Clinic Mask:

This mask help with improving the complexion of your skin making it more radiant, fairer and youthful. It brightens dull complexions, which would help me the most during stressful weeks and does this by suppressing melanin production which helps with pigmentation problems. It’s also moisturizing and helps eradicate facial blemishes. I personally love this one out of all the ones I have tried before.
Howto use? 
1. Wash face with warm water
2. Cleanse and make sure no makeup residue is left behind
3. If you still see some residue use a tonner to get ride of whats left
4. apply the mask on your face
5. Leave it on for 15 -20 minutes
Mask on (Yikes)
It’s also suggested that you use it for a month, 2 or 3 times a week! I have used this mask only once. I love the results because its the only korean mask I use with results lol. Let me know what you think of this awesome mask?


Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls
I picked this up at shoppers, I needed something that gives out a glow for my checks and I thought of trying this. It was a little expensive for a drugstore product but I felt like it would be worth it.
At first, it was way too glittery for me, I was so disappointed because I wanted a shimmer. I kept using it just to make sure that its not just sparkles on my cheeks and I noticed that the glitter was only on the very top layer of the product. So, I just wiped away the very thin top layer with a makeup brush and the product below was Awesome! It gives me the right amount of glow. I do wish it lasted a little longer though. I like the Packaging a lot, specially the pearl on the top lol its so cute! && I’m So glad it’s cruelty and paraben free!!!
I used a little amount here 
I swiped my finger 3 times to get this color
Verdict: I love the product after few tries, but not worth the price. I wish it did what I was hoping for but I can say that its great for a little glow on the cheeks also I go over on my nose to have highlight and its not bad. I believe it was $18.99 CAD + tax
What do you think? would you give this product a chance? 
Let me know in the comments below