Revlon – PhotoReady Concealer

Well today I will review the Revlon Concealer, I took a while to review this because I didn’t like it at first and thought of trying it out a bit more to make an official review. 
When I first used this I was trying to hide my blemishes, I didn’t like the consistence of it. I thought it was too buttery or creamy like, which was really horrible on my forehead. 
It does leave a cakey look but you have to be smart about the blending of it for it to look natural. 

“It won’t blow your mind away but if you need to cover blemishes and spots and can’t afford a trip to Sephora this is a decent compromise between quality and price.” amiablealligator
On the other hand, I tried this as a contour highlight under my eyes and forehead and I like it. So then I used it on my mom and I found that it doesnt fill in the lines as much as I hoped. it does make it obvious that I applied concealer on. 
My thought on this, hm… it is really hard to say because I like it and I hate it at times, I’m going to rate it as a 7 out of 10 (10 means the best) I feel like rating might be easier for someone to understand.
Revlon – PhotoReady Concealer SPF 20

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