Smile Foot Mask

I’ve always been a fan of cute packaging, especially in cosmetics. My favourite brand right now is the The Face Shop skin care products and Cosmetics, with their insanely cute designs, & decent quality products. Anyway, I picked up this foot mask which I found so interesting, & thought I’d share them with you all!

This was the first product I actually picked up from the face shop since it opened recently in the mall. I seriously got so excited and just picked everything hahaha not really. So, the packaging was all in korean and since I dont read korean I just went with my guess. 
I have dry feet sinc eI wear heels to work and thought this would make my feet soft and relaxed so I got it. 
So when you open the package you find these korean socks (they wear them in historical korean dramas lol) and you wear them. I left mine on for about an hour. 
When I took them off my feet were all wrinkle like I’ve been swimming for hours. I got a little scared, but I didn’t notice them being soft. I slept after I took them off. The next morning my feet were softer then a baby’s feet!!! I loved them so much… They were actually so soft that I refused to wear heels thats day because I didn’t want the feeling to stop of having soft feet lol 
Verdict: I will always buy these to have a relaxed and soft feet!! If you are looking for that then definitely try it out. I bought them for $4 I believe and they were so worth it. I think I will do this once a week. Every feet deserve a relaxed treatment since we torture them during out days. 

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