My Topbox (August)

Hello all, so I signed up for Topbox. and I wasn’t disappointed. This is the August package I got this for $12. I signed up here
I like how this works, but I wish I could receive them in the beginning of the month instead of the 15th day. But overall this was very interesting and I liked all the products I received. I will list the products below…

1. beLvada Nail Polish Remover about 28 pad. 
I used it and it actually removed the nail polish really fast and I used one pad for one hand 

2. Lisa Watier Prebiotic Micellar Water
I wasn’t sure if this was a toner but I used it like a toner and it was awesome and on the box it also said that its an awesome makeup remover
3. KMS California Freeshape quick blow dry
This is pretty awesome to be honest, It does dry my hair fast since I have a long hair. and it protect my hair from the heat. 
4. Ceramic Glaze Nail Lacquer
Wow, I was so surprised to get this, I didn’t think I would get a full size of the nail polish, the color also is very nice and lovely for fall. 

Dont forget to leave me comments and tell me what you think of topbox and if you know any other Canadian website that does the same. 
Bye now 

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