New! Maybelline Baby Lips Pink’d Collection for Spring 2014

I went a little crazy and got all of the collection. They all smell and taste (yes taste) veryy good. What I love about these Lip Balms is the colors of the packaging. I am a customer who loves the packaging to be so cute and colorful who doesn’t.
 Lets get started with the swatches and the type of the lip balm.

1. 120 Rose Rush 
2.  115 Mad For Magenta

3. 110 Pop of Pink 

 4. 105 Blush Burst

5. 125 Very Berry 

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink’d Collection 
 Verry Berry, Pop of Pink, Blush Burst, Rose Rush, Mad for Magenta
I love baby lips, these ones are my favorite from the ones I had before, The just smell so fruity and so cute. They do promise to moisturize your lips for 8hrs, and that sadly isn’t true because as soon as you drink water or coffee the color goes away and it feels as if you had nothing on, even the moisture these lip balms have goes away. The thing I love about these is that for some reason they make my lips so big and cute like babies. Is everyone as crazy about these cute lip balms as I am?
I do know that I’m late on the collection but my drug store just got these which sucks lol Canada is a bit late of some stuff.
Let me know what you guys think of these 🙂
Bye for now ❤

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