Look of the Day

This is just me messing around with my palette
I’m not a makeup artist but I love doing make up on myself, just as a hobby. 
Let me know what you guys think, and if you guys want me to do a tutorial on it. 
This is close up to my eye
(Click for a bigger view)

Caudalie ~ Brighten & Prime

Brighten & Prime Vinoperfect Duo

What is this?
Well this product helps with brightening dark spots and evens out your skin tone.
I was so nervous when buying this becasue of the price tag, I feel like I am waasting my money when buy expensive skin care products becasue the always never do anything for me. But… with this product I am very happy with the results. I’ve been using this for almost 2 weeks and I’m not even joking when I say that almost everyone that I know says that my skin is so bright what am I using.

Lets see what the Sephora website says about this duo
What it is formulated to do:This duo features a highly concentrated, oil-free serum to brighten, lighten, and smooth skin. It treats dark spots, acne marks, melisma, and uneven skintone, while promoting a clear complexion and boosted radiance. The oil-free fluid acts as a moisturizer, completely hydrating while smoothing the appearance of fine lines, refining skin texture, and producing a luminous, youthful-looking glow.

This set contains:
– 1 oz Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
– 0.33 oz Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
These products do not contain animal ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Research results:
In a clinical trial on 20 volunteers after 28 days of use:
– 95% reported a perfect complexion

Okay so right now I am on the 10th day. I will post of the results when it is the 28th day and see the improvements (Aug 4, 2014) . my skin tone is tan/medium with lots of dark spots on my cheeks and my lip area. This is normal for a tan/dark person and it gets annoying at times and frustrating, but If i could get a clear skin with no dark spots and uneven tone I would go to work everyday without bothering to applying foundation.
Now for the serum and the fluid, for some people they said that they find it oily, for me I havent noticed it being oily, I like the texture and once I apply it on it just goes on smoothly and makes my skin so soft.
I’ll post the picture of me before using the product
Before Using the Caudalie

After 10 days

New! Maybelline Baby Lips Pink’d Collection for Spring 2014

I went a little crazy and got all of the collection. They all smell and taste (yes taste) veryy good. What I love about these Lip Balms is the colors of the packaging. I am a customer who loves the packaging to be so cute and colorful who doesn’t.
 Lets get started with the swatches and the type of the lip balm.

1. 120 Rose Rush 
2.  115 Mad For Magenta

3. 110 Pop of Pink 

 4. 105 Blush Burst

5. 125 Very Berry 

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink’d Collection 
 Verry Berry, Pop of Pink, Blush Burst, Rose Rush, Mad for Magenta
I love baby lips, these ones are my favorite from the ones I had before, The just smell so fruity and so cute. They do promise to moisturize your lips for 8hrs, and that sadly isn’t true because as soon as you drink water or coffee the color goes away and it feels as if you had nothing on, even the moisture these lip balms have goes away. The thing I love about these is that for some reason they make my lips so big and cute like babies. Is everyone as crazy about these cute lip balms as I am?
I do know that I’m late on the collection but my drug store just got these which sucks lol Canada is a bit late of some stuff.
Let me know what you guys think of these 🙂
Bye for now ❤

Galaxy Chic!

Since I love space and anything related to it, I couldn’t wait to grab one of these palettes. I absolutely couldn’t wait to try the colors on even though they are too crazy for everyday but you can calm them down with browns to make them “natural”

Look out of this world with our astronomical 18 baked eyeshadow. This Galaxy Chic Palette will take you from Plain Jane to an infinite trendsetter. Inspired by the moons and planets of the universe, eyeshadow shades range from hot sun-orange to cool earth-blue and colors of the Milky Way. Be as chic as a sparkling star! Click here to buy one or read the reviews on it.
The Good:
  • Good pigmentation
  • Good value
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting
  • Versatile

 The Bad:

  • Messy (If you know how to blend the colors it wont be)
  • Flakes (when you apply it on, but you can use a cleanser wipes to clear your face)\
  • The colors don’t match with some of the real plants colors
The Verdict: The funny thing is that I’m so excited just writing about this palette. It just so lovely and amazing that it makes me so happy. The colors are very soft and veryy verryyy shimmery. Shipping was FAST!!  I did notice that If you cant blend them out then it would be difficult for you to use it. I usually just apply the darker colors on the corner of my eyelids and then use like a gold or brown on the inner of my lid and it looks fantastic. I also read that you can use them wet, I haven’t tried it so I cant tell you how I find them but I really love when I apply it on my eyelids, I usually use the “SUN” when I go to work because its just a warm gold and its nice for a summer day look. This palette is $14 and I think its way better then all of the palettes that are sold in cosmetic stores. Totally worth my money!!

Easy Make-Up Look that suits everyone

I decided to finally shoot a makeup tutorial steps. It took me a long time, but I think with practice lol it will take me little time. I will explain each picture though for you to follow it with no problems and questions.
Step 1 & 2 – Prime :
I used the Smashbox primer around my entire lid and I blended it using my fingers.
Step 3 & 4 – Base color 1: 
I applied the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in the color 604 Milk to the entire eye lid using my finger to blend.
Step 5 – Highlight : 
Using “strange” from Urban Decay Naked palette 3 to apply highlight directly under the curve of the brow.
Step 6 – base color 2: 
Using “Nooner” from Urban Decay Naked palette 3 to apply a dark pink color to my entire eyelid just to give it some color when blending it with other colors.
Step 7 – Eyeshadow:
Using “Burnout” from Urban Decay Naked palette 3 from the crease I blended the color with my base color on the entire lid.
Step 8 – Eye Crease: 
I love having my a darker color on my crease so I always use browns on the crease line, and I used  “Liar” from Urban Decay Naked palette 3.
Step 9 – Mascara: 
I applied few layers of my L’oreal mascara along the lash line, and then I applied it to the tip. This gives the my leashes a lift.
Step 10 – Eyeliner: 
Apply black eyeliner if you like to outline the inner rims of your eyes
Step 11 – Brown Eyeliner:
This is optional if you want to have eyeliner under your eye to make it more exaggerated. I applied a dark brown eyeliner under my eyelashes on the lower lid.
Step 12 & 13- Eyebrows: 
I usually draw a line of my eyebrows shape then go over it with my brow kit which is bhcosmetics Flawless Brow Trio,a great tip to help outline your eyebrows is to work with eyebrow shape, don’t make your own because this will make it look not natural. After I outline my eyebrows I go over them with my brow pencil just to set in the powder of the first color I used.
Let me know if you want me to do more makeup tutorials. don’t forget to leave a comment ^__^
Happy Canada Day!