Shopping Trip

What I bought at the drugstore this time 
Well since NYX became one of my favorite products I couldn’t resist on not buying these few items from them. I also picked up a mascara from Rimmel, I wanted to see if this mascara is as good as L’oreal since you know I want to stop purchasing L’oreal because they torture animals
I’m not really going to give my opinion too much on these items since I just purchased them, but I will see what I liked when I tried them out.
The first product I picked out was XTREME LIP CREAM in the color DOLLY GIRL. I really like this product so far, the weird thing about this its that its so creamy and feels so nice on the lips.The one thing I kinda hate is the stickiness when you put it on.
The second ones are the 2 Blushes ^__^ 
I got the POWDER BLUSH in the color Pinky and Mauve
These blushes are so nice on my cheeks I really Like the colors they give. its almost matte with tiny tiny sparkles.
The last thing I got was the RIMMEL Extra WOW Lash Mascara. 
I put this on and later on the day it was shedding 😦 
I felt like I had something in the eye the whole day, I will keep trying it till I decide if I hate it or Love it. 
in terms on the lashes I think it made them have some volume but not like my L’oreal Mascara. The search is back on.