Take me to Brazil

Since the World Cup has started yesterday I thought of reviewing my Brazil Palette.
You want bright, vibrant, colorful, amazing shadows well you Will not fail if you purchase this ­čśë
Those are the Colors of the Palette, you can see the greens and yellows and reds.
This isn’t a good picture of the swatches and my fingers were in an awkward position while taking this photo lol, but you can see the brightness of these colors.
Wild and exotic colors await you inside the Take me to Brazil, 30 Color Eyeshadow Palette! This fantastic collection of shimmer, satin and matte eye shadows is inspired by the outrageous Brazilian parade, Carnival! Get ready to Samba with this highly pigmented rainbow of colors in reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and purples. Featuring 2 extra-large bonus eye shadows in iridescent white and matte black that will
help you add glow and mystery to your finished look!
The Good
  • Good pigmentation
  • Easy to apply
  • Good value
  • Long lasting
  • Amazing for a party look
  • Little To No Fall Out
  • Very High Quality Product

The Bad

I absolutely love BH cosmetics and all the palettes I have from them.┬áThis is┬ámy favorite palette from them it is a really pretty and show off one and defiantly unique. What I love best about this Palette is that all the colors look so good together, if you blend them or have two different vibrant colors they always some how match and compliment each other. When I first applied this on everyone Loved my eyeshadow. I hated putting on bright colors on my eyelid because I always mess it up and end up looking horrible but this Palette was the first one that I tried the look of vibrant colors on my eyelids and Holy!! I cant tell you how pretty this is!! The only thing is I wish they were a little bit more pigmented┬áI┬áhave to rub my brush pretty hard to get┬áthe bright color but when I use my primer it looks better.And it also┬áhas the perfect amount of shimmers and mattes. If your a makeup junkie like me you’d get this ­čśë