Cleaning your Brushes

Today I would like to share with you how I clean out my brushes. I usually do this once every week but If i get busy I do it once a month, yes I know its yucky but to clean all of them take me atleast an hour becasue I wash them till they are white!
Anyways, I took some pictures of the process on what I do and I used the elf Shampoo to wash them out, but on my foundation brush it didnt work so I just used my hair shampoo. Lets get started
Step 1:
Just like washing something I like to give my brushes that bathing time in the water lol.
They need to relax at some point too because you know they’ve been standing for weeks.
Step 2:
I just add the Shampoo in the water and make it bubbly.
Then I pour some in my hands and just grab one of the brushes and start cleaning it
See the photos below
Make sure you get the dirt out of the inside too not just the outside thats how bacteria forms.

Step 3:

I mix it abit in the water just to see how clean it got.
Looks pretty clean. Time to wash it with water and leave it aside for towel drying it.
Step 4:
Once you have them all done, you dry one by one with a towel, make sure you grap a towel for only these brushes, dont use it again just incase you didnt get all the dirt out.
Here more up close pictures.
This is my foundation brush and it gets dirty the fastest. but I just clean it after every use.

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