Bronzer Reviews

Bronzer Talk!
My experience with bronzer isn’t much to be honest, when I was in school and didn’t feel like applying any makeup I only used bronzer on my cheeks and forehead and went to school. But now I recently started playing with contouring my face and all I use is the M.A.C bronzing powder because it does the job and it’s Matte. Let me explain each one so you can get some and try them.

1. M.A.C. Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
I actually love this Bronzer it’s the second one I use and I love it for contouring, it blends so effortlessly and the color just looks natural with a hint of aliveness to my face. If you don’t like to apply foundation and powder everyday this is perfect for contouring your face without any foundation or powder because the color just looks natural on bare skin. But I have a tan skin so this looks great on me, if you have a fair skin I would try getting a lighter color to blends well with you skin. That’s all I have to say about this, I do really love it, and if you love bronzers this one just makes life easier lol.
2. Rimmel 3 in 1 Shimmering Bronzer – Gold Princess
This was my first bronzer I ever bought, I loved it, but I didn’t contour my face with it just because it has shimmer in it, and I don’t know about you but I don’t want my skin to look so shinny lol. Anyways, I use this as a normal blush because it gives my cheeks this orange tan natural color look. I’ve been using this ever since I bought it, for the price I paid this aint bad it will last you forever, I think I bought it for $6 CAD from Shoppers Drug mart. Also, this bronzer blends with my skin so well that when I have no foundation on it looks like I have no color on my cheeks just some sparkles.

Blushes Reviews

Time to talk about Blushes ^__^ My favorite subject. It’s Summer time! So it’s time to try out new pop cheeks colors. I’m so excited to talk about this!!

1. Annabella Blush #18 Rosewood or #48 Chestnut

I like this blush a lot, it’s a nice blush for a small get together, or family dinner. For the price it goes for I’m very happy with the results. The rosewood on my skin is like faded pink but it doesn’t look like i just applied blush it looks natural and dollish. The Chestnut on the other hand I like to wear it for parties because its redish on my skin its dark and I love it.. Also these blushes are so matte that it won’t look like you have blush on, it looks so natural and even if you put it on your bare skin without any foundation it will pop out your cheeks.

2. BH Cosmetics Lilac Blush Duos

I bought this of course from BH Cosmetics online and let me just mention that I LOVE BH!! Back to the blush lol. The Sale Price is only $3.95 can’t find cheaper with this quality. I wanted to try out the other blushes but I wasn’t sure of the pigmentation it gives so I told myself to try this one first then if I like it, I will buy all of the 5 colors. This blush comes with two shades but with my Lilac shade there is pink and there is pale whitish pink, and it said to mix them both but what I like to do it apply the pink on my cheeks and the whitish color on the upper sides of my cheeks to give it some highlight and make it pop more. I can’t use this without foundation though; the color is too faded for my skin but looks amazing when I have it on top of the foundation.  I`ll post the link for you to try these amazing blushes Click here and let me know how you like them.

3. TOO FACED Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush, Something About Berry

OMG! I don’t know how to explain this blush to you, I just fell in love with it from the moment I saw it at Sephora till the moment I got as a gift from my bestiee. This blush is the perfect combination of a beautiful pinky/peach colour and a subtle shimmer! let me tell you how I got this blush, so at first I liked the packaging because I’m girly like that, the second time I went in to show it to a friend I liked the colors but wasn’t sure about the shimmer. The third time I went in alone just stood there for 10 minutes and thought of a look that this blush will look good on and then I was set to buying it but the price tag had me guessing again the price was $38 and I thought to myself Sally it it’s just a blush and its way too expensive so I left the store upset. It was a never meant to be kind of story 😦 until my engagement party when my Bestie Mimi got me this as a gift I was going to fly out of happiness lol. Anyways that was my story of how I finally got this blush. Was I wrong in wanting it NOPE! It’s the perfect blush for me, it stays on all day, it has a lot of shimmer but I love it so if you want to stick to Matte colors this won’t be the right fit for you. also the color of this doesn’t look fake on your face, it actually looks somewhat natural but at the same time I can tell I applied some blush on which I don’t mind because it doesn’t look so unnatural.  Overall verdict this Blush has changed the way I look at blushes. My favorite and I will buy the rest of the other colors when I can.


will review these 4 Foundations that I use daily. I like to mix my routine here and there. Lets get started 😀

1. Liquid – GOSH – X-ceptional wear liquid foundation


This foundation comes in very simple looking packaging. The bottle contains 35 ml/1.2 fl.oz and costs just $15.99. It is available in Shoppers Drug Mart and I assume in any other Drugstores. The coverage of this foundation is 4/5 the reason being after 5 hrs of wear I notice that my skin becomes a little dull so I touch it up with a little of powder or moisturizer. This definitely covers up my dark spots without me using under eye powder, and it also hides my blemishes which is why I love using this when ever I have a really bad skin day or week lol. I have the Sand color because my skin is in between tan and fairish. But the reason why I use this foundation is because its very light on my skin specially in the summer season it feels as if I have no foundation on. Would I recommend this to anyone… YES!!! I would definitely recommend you try it if you are looking for a good full coverage foundation specially for the price it goes for.

2. Revlon Colorstay Foundation


HM… This foundation is a mix for me, I like it sometimes and I hate it sometimes. I have a combination skin, and my T zone area which is my forehead and my nose are very oily, so I though if i buy this I’ll use it on my T zone area and apply my CC cream on the rest of my face. It says its good for oily skin but it wasn’t true. When I apply it on I feel like after 3 or 4 hours my forehead is filled with oil which is soo yucky and my nose is very shinny. I do love the coverage on the rest of my face but the label isn’t correct when it says it lasts for 24 hrs at least for me. After 8 hrs of wear I see my face looking so pale and I HATE THAT!!! this foundation is defiantly affordable but its not the type for my skin. I only use this when I go out for a short period of time so the paleness doesn’t show. Now for the coverage this is a full coverage foundation and you can build it up as you go, a little bit of it makes all your face covered but the acne will definitely hide but it will be noticeable. The other con about this foundation is the packaging, its very hard to get the foundation out without making a mess, I wish it was a pump for easier application. As you can see I haven’t used much of it either but I judge my foundations based on how they make me feel after 3 days so this one was in between so I’ll keep using it and search some tips and tricks on it, because I really love the color I got for my skin it matches me perfectly but the coverage and the oiliness of it makes me want to never apply it on.


I LOVEEEE THIS PRODUCT!! I wasn’t really a fan of BB creams and CC creams until I discovered this CC Cream. It does everything I want. Its has SPF 30 and specially when summer is here this is the perfect for coverage and production. when I apply this on I use my Beauty Blender just because I like the look it gives. This stay on all day nd I doesn’t look like I have a pale face after 5 hrs of wear. I don’t have much of an acne face but I do have dark spots like freckles almost under my eyes and on my cheeks and when I have this on I cant notice them at all. If you like full coverage almost to cover everything this product might not be the best for you. I love that this CC actually makes me feel and look a lot alive and awake. Overall this product is amazing if you like to look natural but flawless with natural like coverage. On and I almost forgot the texture of this foundation is somewhat thick but it blends in quickly.

4. Liquid – Rimmel – Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

I just bought this recently and to be frankly honest it isn’t my favorite foundation ever. The color is not very natural, and is too light for my skin. I feel like I’m wearing a cakey mask on my skin when I apply this foundation, and I cant stand it, I cant even blend it nicely even with my Beauty Blender. It also makes my face very oily and pale after few hours. The coverage is full almost cakey full if you don’t contour it will make you look so pale and like you applied a ton of makeup on. ALso, it is very thick so be careful when taking some out